"Triangle Junction"
Nine triangles create this lovely shawl in La Boheme and Starburst Rayon Boucle.  A show-stopping garment!  Shown in the colorway Aster.
"Salmon Shrug"
The tabard takes shape with a bold shoulder silhouette and narrow waist. This vest can easily be closed with a shawl pin, or add a button if you wish. Shown in the colorway Salmon Run.


Fiesta Yarns can be found in various magazines for most of the last two decades. The information below is not a complete listing of every magazine Fiesta Yarns has appeared, but a list that is as comprehensive as we can assemble.  We have also provided photos and links to additional information when possible. And at the bottom of each page you will find links to projects on Ravelry we found interesting. Enjoy!

Magazine Appearances

"Blended Stripes"
A fun project creating texture using four different yarns:  La Luz Multi, Rayon Boucle, Gelato and Cottonista.  Shown in Cool Breeze.
"Linen Breeze"
The mix of linen and cotton in a chainette yarn makes this a light tunic with attitude. Shown in the colorway Caribbean.
Mitered squares and simple stockinette create this soft play of colors.  An easy knit, this cute vest is perfect for Fall.  Shown in the colorway Rhapsody.
"Lightning Stripes"
This gorgeous shawl is knit in long strips, each one creating a herringbone effect.  The shawl uses La Boheme and Starburst La Boheme and is shown in the colorway Madrid.
Knitter's Magazine

Interesting Projects We Found on Ravelry

Ratan Socks

Entrelac Skirt

Pineapples & Pearls

Morpho Flight

Delicate Vines Socks

"Boxed Steps"
Textured and openwork stitches combine for a top perfect for layering. Shown in the colorway Billy Goat and Sedona.
"Sparkling Burgundy"
Simple elegance!  The yarn does all the work--five rows of
crochet ribbon with bead
accents make this jacket
ready for any event.
Shown in Moulin Rouge
and Jamaican Spice.
"Waves in Motion"
Created by the Knitter's Design Team, this gorgeous scarf is
masterfully designed
with Ballet, Starburst Rayon
Boucle and Gelato.  This
scarf is in the colorway
Wind Surfer.
"Wave & Ripple"
The beautiful and versatile shawl uses drop stitches to create this undulating design.  Ballet, La Luz and La Boheme create amazing texture and contrast.