• I am knitting with your hand-dyed yarn, and the color is coming off on my hands and on my needles. What should I do?
  • All companies, including companies who purchase dyed yarns from a mill (but especially companies who hand-dye yarns) have a problem with bleeding or transfer of colors.  This mostly occurs in blues and teals, but can occur with any very dark and saturated color.

    If the color is coming off on your hands and needles, it can be removed with mild detergent.  When your garment is complete, it is best to hand wash it in cold water with a mild detergent before you wear it.  If the colors are dark and saturated, you may want to hand rinse it several times to remove the excess dye.  You may also choose to dry clean your finished garment. 

    This problem of color transfer is comparable to purchasing a dark colored sweater at a department store, wearing it without washing it first, and the colors transfer to your skin and undergarments.
  • Also remember, that a high pH level in your skin can create this problem as well.  We are all guilty of applying hand lotion before we begin knitting to prevent yarn from catching on our dry cuticles.  Unfortunately, this can cause the color to transfer and bleed.  So be sure to use a hand lotion that doesn't change the pH level in your skin.
  • I purchased the Gelato rayon ribbon and cannot get it to ball. Do you have any recommendations?
    Our Gelato ribbon is slippery and can be hard to ball without the right equipment. It is important to have an umbrella swift or some other way to keep the yarn tight while balling. If you have an umbrella swift that can be bent to a 90° angle, that will make balling the Gelato easier. This will prevent any loose strands from falling down around the swift and causing it to collapse.  In addition, we recommend that you put the yarn into an actual ball instead of using a ball winder and creating a "cake."  This yarn is so slippery, it will fall through the middle. 
  • I purchased some of your wonderful La Boheme yarn from a retail shop in my town. I have noticed that the mohair "grows" when I am balling it or knitting with it. What can I do about this problem? 
    The "growing" mohair has all but been eliminated with the introduction of a new quality of mohair and a new skeining technique. In fact, the mohair tends to shrink, especially on darker colors. If you are having this experience, we suggest that when you ball La Boheme, that you use an umbrella swift to keep the yarn relatively tight, and then hand ball it slowly rather than using a ball winder. As you ball the yarn, if the rayon becomes longer, gently stretch the mohair between your index finger and thumb. Continue to do this during the balling process, and this should help keep the mohair and rayon at about the same lengths. In addition, we suggest that as you begin to knit, put the ball into a plastic bag so it does not catch on anything while you knit.

    If your issue is "growing" mohair, you may choose to work it into your work, or cut and felt the ends back together and continue knitting.
  • I heard you have an outlet store for your yarns. When is it open and where is it located?
  • Fiesta Yarns Outlet Store is located at 5401 San Diego NE, Albuquerque, NM.  For complete directions, please see our map. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 10am-4:30pm (MT).  We do not ship yarn from our Outlet Store. Purchases are made only on the premises. The Outlet Store has most of our yarns, which are hand-dyed onsite.  Keep in mind that the inventory consists of seconds and mis-dyed yarns that have not met our quality control standards, and therefore are not sold to our wholesale customers.
  • I have a retail store and would like to carry Fiesta Yarns. What do I need to do in order to buy at wholesale for my yarn shop?
  • Please see Wholesale Information for complete details on becoming a wholesale customer.
  • Your yarn is labeled "dry clean only." Is this the only way to clean garments made with Fiesta Yarns?
  • We recommend that you dry clean all garments you make with our beautiful hand-dyed yarn to maintain the color and life of the garment.  However, if you prefer, you may hand wash all of our yarns in cold water with a mild detergent.  Just remember, if you are working with wool and mohair, be careful not to agitate the garment as it may felt.