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Fiesta Yarns began its rich history over 30 years ago, when the dyeing and packaging was done from the owner’s home located in the quaint Village of Corrales. For more than fifteen years, yarn could be seen hanging from the trees and clotheslines around the private residence. The company was first sold in 1999 and then again in 2001, when Jeannie Randolph became the owner.

Although the company has grown and expanded over the years,
Fiesta Yarns' main goal is to provide the most beautiful hand-dyed colors and amazing fibers for you to enjoy.  Owner Jeannie Randolph, who is an artist, photographer and colorist, develops every custom fiber with each mill individually, and meticulously creates each new colorway by literally combining hundreds of color combinations each season.

Hours of research, development and testing go into every aspect, and finally a great color emerges from the dye pans. FiestaYarns.com was designed to access our entire product line, plus learn more about us, and download patterns that inspire you to create a special garment.

Our inspirations are many, but the colors we use in our yarns are our biggest creative juices. We hope you are as inspired as we are.

About Us

We Are Color!

I grew up in the Hill Country of Texas on the ranch my grandfather purchased in the '40s.  On a working ranch, you learn quickly how to do just about anything, and from a young age I was riding horses helping my dad and granddad round up goats and cattle.  My brother, Mark, and I would ride the school bus home so we could do our chores.  A ranch, never sleeps.

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