Inspiration is a new colorway just introduced in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The beautiful burgundy, pink, charcoal and light grey, signify the stages one goes through on their cancer journey.   Pam Haschke, President of Halos of Hope and cancer survivor said it best.

              "The dark grey is for the darkest days, the day you were diagnosed, the cloudy days of chemotherapy, then days you don't feel so well.  The lighter shade of grey and the dusky pink hues remind us, that just like the colors of the early dawn, there are better days ahead, and a new life to be lived. Pink is to show the solidarity with breast cancer survivors everywhere.  Red is to show we fight this battle with all our hearts, and we are comforted and loved."

This colorway is available in all of our wonderful hand-dyed yarns, and may be purchased in our Betsy Beads Kits as well. Each month a portion of every order of Inspiration will benefit Halos of Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to sending hand knit and crocheted hats to more than 400 cancer centers nationwide.

Please join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Learn more about Halos of Hope by clicking here.